Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Drive to Quebec: May 28, 2016

The Chevrolet dealership in Brossard, Quebec, south of Montreal, hosted an event for Corvettes in 2015 to raise money for charity and there clearly was such a demand that they decided to repeat the program in 2016.  The Capital Corvette Club included this as a club outing and early on Saturday, May 28, under sunny skies, we headed east en masse for the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River. It was an easy drive of 2 hours, covering just over 200 kms.

Upon arrival at the very large dealership, we went through registration and were given some coupons and a nice high-tech shirt.  We arrived a bit later than the others from our club so we parked in a separate area from them but the parking spaces were filling quickly and soon a massive gathering of Corvettes was in evidence.  There were well over 300 cars and they covered all the generations of Corvettes, with a particularly good representation by the mid-year (1963-1967) iconic Sting Rays as there was a club devoted to them that had arrived.

But there were probably  more first generation cars than I had seen at a local gathering like this, which speaks highly of the enthusiasm by Quebecois for vintage Chevs.

The C3 was also present in various forms, including a very rare Baldwin Motion Corvette with a giant motor, as well as attractive green roadster.

Here are some additional photos to give an idea of this wildly successful event, which raised a significant amount of money for the Montreal Children's Hospital.  It was such an undertaking for the staff that the next show has been scheduled for 2018!

The Capital Corvette Club getting down to business!

There were prizes given for various generations of Corvettes but perhaps the most outstanding car was one that arrived fairly late at the show.  It was a C1 that had been resto-modded to the ultimate as it was basically a C6 with a C1 body.  The interior was beautifully done.  The people at GM in St. Louis would have been astonished that they car they built in 1962--notorious for its slapdash assembly--could have turned into such a beautiful swan.

Considering it was the end of May, the temperature was exceptionally warm and walking around the asphalt parking lot for hours had a very dehydrating effect.  Nonetheless, we took advantage of the sunny day to take off the targa top for our trip home but I could feel the effect of too much sun for a day or two afterwards.  Anyway, it was great fun to hang out with the Corvette enthusiasts in la Belle Province!

And of course no posting here is complete without a photo of our car:

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