Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rambling to Mont-Tremblant: October 3, 2015

The calendar of events for the Capital Corvette Club was drawing to a close but before the season of road trips ended, there was one more to go.  This was a jaunt to Mont-Tremblant, the famous ski resort in the Laurentian Mountains,   It is roughly 140 kms northeast of Ottawa and 130 kms northwest of Montreal.

There was a good turnout of club members and we enjoyed a fine drive in beautiful weather.  Although it was the beginning of October, there was not a great deal of autumn colour to be seen yet but we enjoyed driving through the hills and looking at the ski resort itself (around 5 kms from the village of Mont-Tremblant) before tucking into a pub lunch.

And so ended our Corvette road trip season for 2015.  Three weeks later the car went in for an oil change and then put away in the garage with the battery charger connected to while away the endless winter before we could take it out again.

Our first year as Corvette owners had been terrific.  We had attended many memorable events, met a lot of interesting people and, I am convinced, found the Corvette to be a truly amazing vehicle.

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