Sunday, December 10, 2017

Capital Corvette Club Outing: Tuque de Broue, December 9, 2017

Although Corvette season is over, socializing is not and one of our members organized a group outing (with not a single Corvette!) to the Tuque de Broue craft brewery in Embrun, Ontario, yesterday.  Embrun, first settled around 1845, is located 25 minutes' drive from Ottawa, and has a majority French-speaking population.  It is predominantly agricultural but growing rapidly as a bedroom community for Ottawa.

The club visited the brewery last Fall for the launch of their pumpkin ale and the most recent visit was to celebrate the new seasonal beer, St-Nicolas Coffee Porter.  The proprietor is also named Nicolas but while he pointed out that he is no saint, he did mention that the picture on the label does look like him.  The beer is very smooth, with a noticeable coffee note at the end.  The owner of the plantation in Honduras that supplies the coffee was present as well!

The brewery has seen impressive growth in the last year, and Nicolas even mentioned that they ran out of beer in July at one point.  There are more fermentation tanks and an even wider range of interesting beers.  Food, in the form of pulled pork sandwiches, was available, along with many gift items.

We had our own table in the back room of the brewery but at the rate they are going they might be filling this space soon too!  So even without our Corvettes it was a fine day out...

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