Monday, May 4, 2015

Cross-Country Corvette Stage 5: 703 km

Date of Travel: May 4, 2015

An excellent rest stop in Manitoba

Time to depart Manitoba for our home province of Ontario! Leaving Winnipeg, we had to pass through a whole lot of terrible construction zones which made me nervous fot the Corvette and these went for quite a while, shaking us up quite a bit.  Once again on the Trans-Canada Highway proper, our route took us through Kenora (where there was a Tim Horton's for a late breakfast!), Vermilion Bay, Dryden, Wabigoon and points southeast thereafter.

About to enter the Eastern Time Zone
Near English Bay we came to a small park that was dominated by sign noting that we were now in the Eastern Time Zone.  I had expected to have a time change when we crossed the Manitoba/Ontario boundary but in fact it took another 357 kms of driving to get us to this point.  I was not aware that Ontario had two time zones, but given its immense size (1.3 times as big as Texas) I should not have been surprised. 

Refueling in Uppsala and having a light lunch, we continued on our way to Thunder Bay and another good night's sleep with over 700 kms for the day's driver.

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