Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Corvette Washing Technique: Maybe Not So Recommended

It is a standing joke in Corvette circles that owners are either "racers" or "waxers," the latter being the obsessives who spend all their time cleaning their cars rather than actually driving them.  We are more like "tourers" as I like a clean car but also do a lot of driving with it, as this blog attests.  Still, when I look in my garage at all the cleaning products I have always found it disquieting.  I believe I have $250 in detailing supplies, to say nothing of microfibre towels and wheel brushes and stainless steel polish. I have even spent 20 minutes watching a video on the best way to clean and dry those towels.  I see Corvette owners drying the de-ionized water from their freshly-washed cars with leaf blowers.  Here is someone who really doesn't give a damn as he takes care of his C7 Grand Sport.  "Takes care of" in a "Goodfellas" sense, I think!

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