Friday, September 22, 2017

Hwy 43 Car Club Cruise Night: September 22, 2017, Kemptville, Ontario

Not exactly a cross-country trip for the Corvette, the Capital Corvette Club put in an appearance at yeasterday's Hwy 43 Car Club Cruise Night, held on a regular basis every Friday evening in Kemptville, around 50 minutes south and west from Ottawa.  It was the last Cruise Night for the 2017 season and there was a pretty good turnout.  There were a dozen cars from the CCC, as well as several non-affiliated Corvettes.

The event started at 6 pm and it was surprising to see how quickly it got dark.  Summer is really over (actually this was the first day of Fall!) even if there plenty of mosquitoes still at dusk and soon the cars will get put away for that long sleep again.  But not quite yet!

There were hot rods, a number of muscle cars, and a gargantuan 1959 Lincoln.  It was fun to talk to other Car People and I think I may have persuaded the owner of the nice Triumph TR3 that he should consider a Corvette as his next car!

1949 Mercury hot rod, with cool "ghost flames"

1959 Lincoln: Detroit excess personified

The sticker in the rear window says: "Yeah.  It's big!"

On the drive back home to Ottawa I had an interesting experience. There was quite a bit of traffic on the 416 highway on this Friday evening.  I was in the passing lane and a VW GTI (with a very loud exhaust) was in the lane next to me.  We could not get any further ahead as the traffic was too heavy so we were cruising along at 100 km/h side-by-side.  To my astonishment, a motorcycle suddenly appeared ahead of me, having gone through the space between our two cars!  I turned to look at the VW driver just as he turned to look at me and both of us must have had the Totally Jaw Dropped expression.  Crazy.

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