Saturday, September 30, 2017

Capital Corvette Club Outing to Calabogie, September 30, 2017

The Corvette driving season in Ontario is rapidly drawing to a close and I have already made arrangements with my mechanic for an oil change and minor service before the car goes into storage on November 1.  It has been a terrific year again and looking at the odometer, which now reads over 72,000 kms compared to the 32,000 when the car was purchased by us on April 30, 2015, I feel that the car is being driven as it was intended although 18 months of actual on-the-road time has not been enough!

The Capital Corvette Club's latest outing was led by Wendy Hall.  There was an excellent turnout, with 22 cars present.  Wendy took us from our meeting point at Myers Chevrolet in Kanata westwards through Almonte and past several little villages on pretty--and deserted--roads until we reached our lunch stop, Shooters Bar & Grill in Calabogie.

After a very pleasant lunch, we drove out of the parking lot of the restaurant a short distance and parked along Lake Calabogie for some more photos.  It was a beautiful day, sunny and a bit cool.

Leaving Calabogie, we turned right onto Regional Road 511, which brought us southwards through the hamlets of Hopetown, Herrons Mill, Clydesville, Lanark and Balderson before reaching Perth.  This is an excellent road, with numerous curves and changes in elevation.  I was familiar with the first 20 kms of it as it made up the time trial course I rode a number of times on my bicycle.  But these 63 kms went a lot faster than expected as everyone enjoyed the handling capabilities of their Corvettes.

Reaching Perth, the group split for home, a simple matter of turning east on Highway 7 for Ottawa.

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